Aunty Bab's Hawaiian Stuffed Dolls
Hawaiian Humpty Dumpty • Aloha Dottie • Honu Tooth Fairy Pillow

Birthdays, Girls Day, Holidays, Baby Showers, Graduations, or just to say I Love You.

Aunty originally created these Hawai`ian Flower stuffed dolls for her ohana (family) keikis (children). She chooses from a rainbow of Hawaiian prints.

She also donates her crafts and dolls to Kapiolani Medical Center maternity ward and the Toy Closet at the Yale New Haven Hospital in Conneticut.

See the aloha and detailed work that Aunty puts into each doll. Each doll is created and assembled here in the islands.

Hawaiian Humpty Dumpty
(24" tall) $30.00 ea.

Aloha Dottie
(18" tall) $30.00 ea

Honu Tooth Fairy Pillow
9" long - $22.50

Note: You can choose color theme but note that the fabric patterns are always changing and are not quarenteed. Color themes: White, Yellow, Pink, Purple, Green, Blue.

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Hawaiian Humpty and Aloha Dottie are best friends.

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Aloha Dottie and her sisters with their good friend Hawaiian Humpty Dumpty hanging out at the beach.


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Honu Tooth Fairy Pillow looking for someone to play with.

recommended for Ages 5+

Because of the small tooth pouch and ribbon please keep this stuffed pillow out of the reach of infants.


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Aunty Bab's Original, Handcrafted Items Made in Kailua, Hawai`i
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