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Each doll is handcrafted and sewn here in the islands. The base is a corked glass bottle which can hold candies, aroma or cinnamon sticks. See the detailed work.

The Wahine (woman) doll is 15" tall while the Keiki (child) doll is 11" tall. You can purchase either separately or receive a special discount when purchasing our Ohana (family) Ensemble featuring mother and child.


Aunty originally created these Hawai`ian Flower Girl dolls for wedding centerpieces. While you could use any of her rainbow of island colors, the white dresses have been the favorite. These dolls have provided a elegance to tables and have been a cherished remembrance of island weddings.

Choose either a single Wahine or Keiki or choose the Ohana Ensemble.

Please contact us about providing a special discount for bulk wedding purchases. 2 month advanced orders only.

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NEW! Hawaiian Stuffed Dolls made in Hawaii


Mother Days, Birthdays, Anniversaries, Holidays or just to say I Love You.

Say aloha with these collector gifts that will decorate a little or big girls room. Choose from our traditional Hawaiian colors and ensembles, Wahine, Keiki or Ohana Ensemble

Note: You can choose color theme but note that the fabric patterns are always changing and are not quarenteed. Color themes: White, Yellow, Pink/Red, Purple, Green, Blue.

Wahine Doll (15") $45.00 ea
Keiki Doll (11") $39.00 ea
Ohana Ensembles - $75.00 for 1 keiki and 1 wahine

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See the aloha and detailed work that Aunty puts into each doll. Each doll is created and assembled here in the islands.


Aunty Bab's Original, Handcrafted Items Made in Kailua, Hawai`i
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